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Home of the Chandler Cheetahs!

Welcome to the official website for Chandler Learning Academy in Sherman Oaks, California.  We're a gorgeous LAUSD school with over 550 students in grade k-5.  We have a diverse population of eager learners, talented teachers, caring administrators, and committed parents. 

We are currently updating our website.  Please check back with us for the latest information.  The calendar, however is up to date.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Our 2013-2014 Calendar is up to date.  Here is what is happening just around the corner:

March 18, 2014, Open House w/ Silent Auction
April 11, 2014, 4th Annual Spring Fair

That's right we have decided to seperate them this year to allow more parents to get involved.

February 2014

2/10 - PTA meeting at 8:15am in the teachers lounge.
2/20 - SSC meeting at 2:30 in the library.
2/21 - School Tour
2/24 - Spring Fair planning meeting from 8-9am in the school library.
2/25 - Elac meeting 8:15am - 9am
2/25-3/7 - Read a thon
2/27 - Literacy Night in the School library from 5-7pm.
2/28 - Black History Assembly

March 2014

3/6 - SSC meeting 2:30pm in the library
3/7 - Spring Picture Day
3/10 - PTA meeting at 8:15am in the teachers lounge
3/18 - ELAC meeting at 8:15 am
3/18 - Open house 6-7pm w/ Silent Auction (come check out all the stuff you can win)
3/20 - SSC meeting 2:30pm in the library
3/31 - No School

Ways to Help

Ways to Help

There are many ways you can help support the Chandler Cheetahs!  We succeed because you care!  

*Volunteering in the classrooms*
Ask your child's teacher how you can help them in the classroom.  There are all kinds of things they may need help with.  If you're not free during the day, ask if there are things you can take home with you to do at home and bring back.  Ask if they have a classroom wish list, and make sure they have your contact information so they can  get in touch with you if they need help.

*Volunteer for the PTA*
Whether you have lots of time or just a little, they will find something for you to do!  There are different committees, with different time and planning commitments, so even if you work during the day or have no interest in bake sales, there are ways to help.  Send an email to to see how you can be of service.  Let them know what your interests are and what kind of availability you have.  You don't have to be a member to help out...but you do have to care about making a positive difference.  

*Donate Money to the PTA or to the School*
Did you know that our PTA raises all of the money to pay for our MUSIC program and PE teacher?  They also raise money to help pay for field trips, enrichment programs, technology, classroom supplies, teacher appreciation, office assistance, and even provide baskets for needy families in our community during the holidays.  Donations to the PTA are tax deductible, and all you have to do is send a check to the school made out to the "Chandler Elementary PTA" or you can Paypal a donation to  

*Get Us "Free Money"*
Many companies want to help schools succeed.  Taking advantage of their programs to do so may not seem like a big help, but when we all do it, it makes for big donations to the school without a dent in your pocketbook!
-Join Ralph's Club and Target Red Card and designate Chandler Elementary as your school recipient.  You don't have to pay anything, but they pay us a percentage of your sales totals throughout the year.
-Save "Box Tops for Education".  Cutting out 10 pieces of cardboard may not seem like it's going to help, but this year we received over $1,000.  Keep on collecting and bring them in.
- Save the labels for Labels for Education and Coke bottle Caps for Coke rewards.  Both of these programs donate needed supplies, books and equipment to our school when we earn enough points.

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs

Our Gifted and Talented students benefit from our GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) clusters, which provide these students with the additional resources and extra support they need to continue to grow and succeed.

PE Coach

Our PE coach uses the state standards to provide 60 minutes a week of grade level pyschomotor instruction.  In addition to giving our students part of their recommended PE time every week, this gives the teachers time to work together as a grade level weekly to coordinate and plan their teaching together.  Our coach also supports our morning laps program, encouraging all students to come out and run laps every morning before school, which in addition to helping their minds wake up and their bodies get healthier, gives them a chance to win classroom accolades for most laps run.  

Selected students in grades 3-5 get an opportunity to learn how to play an instrument, culminating in a recital at the end of the year.  Instruments are provided and instruction is during the school day.  

Arts Education
Grade levels will have additional instruction from district specialist teachers in the areas of Drama, Music, Visual Arts, and Dance, for rotating periods throughout the year.

Kindergarten has a special, hands on, standards based science program taught to them by their teachers through the school year.  We also have a new Science Lab where each classroom is able to visit and learn throughout the year.

After School Programs
(some of these programs require a fee)
-YMCA Child Care
-YS Childcare

-Chess class-Mondays

-Art Classes-Tuesdays and Fridays


-Mad Science-Fridays



All of our classrooms have Smartboards and our teachers are trained in how best to use them to maximize student potential and learning.  We also have iPads in each classroom, to help facilitate more learning through technology.  

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